Women empowering, society defying, politically incorrect type of girl -Renata Burnette

Poetry is one of the most enjoyable type of literature, with its use of metaphors, similes and other literary devices that allows the reader to visualize and feel the profound emotions that are being expressed. Given its usual complexity, it take a special kind of person to be able to make it relevant and entertaining for the readers. Building... Continue Reading →


Vacation! Where will you go?

Vacation! What a great time! Where should you go? What about...Guyana? Conversation with a Driver Driver: So where are the volunteer teachers going? Richard: Some are going to Paramakatoi and some are going to Mabarumba Driver: Make sure you tell them to be careful in the Middle East Richard: ...... Now I'm sure that was... Continue Reading →

Get your cameras ready!

Georgetown Guyana, has many beautiful buildings and scenes that are well-known. Some of these places have been around for over a century! Below are five points of interest. In a follow-up article, there will be a post of new images at these locations, and YOU can be in it! All you have to do is take... Continue Reading →

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