Looking at Guyana’s history, two figures that has, and continues to influence Guyana’s social and political landscapes are Linden Forbes Burnham and Cheddi Jagan. While most Guyanese tend to be polarized by images and talks of these two men, taking a look at some of the pictures and videos, in addition to studying their history would lead to the conclusion that, the late Burnham and the late Jagan had a relationship that was both friendly and acrimonious.

60s Forbes and Jagan chat.jpg

Without diving into the political side of these two men (which is hard not to do given their legacies and impacts), I would love to see a film produced that goes behind the scene of their friendship, collaborations, and eventual opposition of each other. I know I would watch it!


Would you like to see a film on this topic? If anyone is out there and is interested. Comment and maybe something comes of this! Otherwise, is there an event or time in Guyana’s history that you would like to see turned into a movie or series?

P.S. images are not TrendinGuy’s but I am unable to source them properly. Will revise when I can.

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Written by : Richard Overton

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