Have you visited Kaieteur yet? My first time!

As the 15 seater plane raced down the airstrip at Ogle airport and I felt the wheels lifting off of the ground, I started to wonder what my experience would be like. For the first time, I was on my way to the frequently spoken of, Kaieteur Waterfalls in Guyana. I had seen photos and videos of the waterfall and I was hoping that seeing it in person would live up to the images in my head.

The flight was smooth, and in about an hour, the plane touched down at Kaieteur National Park, which, except for a building and the cabins, seemed to be as intact as nature provided. After a few moments to get settled, myself and the others from the plane gathered around a park ranger who briefly explained the conservation efforts being taken and some history of the area. Apparently the name of the falls is Kai Falls! Then off we went.

Photo: Sandy Viveiros
We ventured through the trails, asking questions about this and that, until BAM! There it was! From the first lookout point, the entire length of the waterfall was in view. We then made out way to another lookout, this time closer and more captivating than the last. Then we came to another lookout spot where the view was just indescribable. I was just staring at, what seemed like an endless supply of water, rolling off the cliff and racing down to the bottom. To my pleasant surprise, the pictures and videos I’ve seen of the falls just didn’t match up to seeing the powerful waterfall in person.

Photo: Sandy Viveiros
What was equally welcomed, was the fact that there were only about 17 people there! I mean…wow. There’s a line just about everywhere but not at Kia falls :). I will definitely be making my way back during the rainy season. If you haven’t been, you should strongly consider going and take a good camera.

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Written by : Richard Overton


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