5-Must haves when traveling to the interior

Traveling on the trail can be one of the best ways to see Guyana’s rainforest and wildlife. It is possible to see many different people, buildings, birds, and if you’re lucky a giant anteater or jaguar. However, traveling by means of a bus can be a challenging experience, even when the weather and the trail are favorable.

Lethem Trail Photo: Richard Overton

Here are 5 things to bring along that makes the experience more fun:

1. A friend or Lover – Having company is the best way to make a trip in the trail to places like Lethem or Mahdia a great experience. No need to take selfies when you have your company. Also, depending on who it is that you travel with … it’s dark at some of the rest stops ( let’s leave that there) 😉 !

2. Food– While there are multiple stops at places like 5-corners and 58 that provide opportunities to get food, bring something to drink and to eat along with you is highly advised. Just consider that you will have to eat in a bus that’s speeding on a sometimes bumpy road – so don’t bring soup 🙂 (also, take your trash with you please)


Annai Photo: Richard Overton

3. Blanket– Unlike the sunny days where the temperature averages 85-90 degrees (F), it can become very chilly at nights on the trail. Having a blanket or sheet will come in handy when you’re at the rest stops too.

4. Pillow – Leading off of the blanket; a pillow is an absolute luxury when the trail gets bumpy or when you’re trying to sleep. Without a pillow, having some acute neck pain is very possible when you arrive at your destination.

5. Toothbrush – seriously! You’ll be traveling anywhere from 7 hrs to 16 hrs (if there are no other issues on the trail). Having a fresh breath with help keep you healthy and keep the people around you more willing to have extended conversations with you.
Anything else that you would suggest taking along? Comment below.


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Written by : Richard Overton


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