New: How Christopher Stays Motivated & Why He Says “the future is exciting for me”!

Photo: Christopher Nurse

Richard: Christopher, having a professional soccer career for as long as you’re having, where do you find your motivation to continue to train and keep performing at a high intensity?

Christopher: My motivation mostly comes internally, professional football was my dream as a child and I’m blessed everyday i get to do this job. On top of that you know there are millions of players waiting to take your job for less money and some for free, so there is no room for complacency. Of course everyday I thank God for blessing me, I wake up go to training and try my best, prepare the best I can but inevitably destiny is in Gods hands. God helps those who help themselves so prayer has to be matched by action and intent.

Everyday you have to give the best you can, that way you have respect for yourself and content in your own mind that you gave it everything you have.It is a short career by 34/35 most players stop playing, so you have to enjoy it and not take it for granted.You also have the risk of injury which can occur at any time any age, so you have to train and play without regrets. Play every game as if it is your last.

Christopher and Carmelo Anthony ( Owner of Puerto Rico Football Club and Player on the NY Knicks)  Photo Credit: Christopher Nurse

Richard: Among other places, you’ve played in Guyana, Florida and Puerto Rico. Is it challenging to adapt to the different teams and places?

Christopher: Playing in different countries and places has allowed me to get a greater understanding of the game, different climates, cultures and philosophies has been a great experience for me and one day i hope to be able to pass on these experiences to the next generation of players.

The great learning experience in football is playing the game since a child and over 14 years of professional. The years committed to the game is the greatest apprenticeship that football can have.

Photo: Christopher Nurse

Richard: You were awarded the North American Soccer League, Humanitarian of the Year award in 2014. Can you share a bit about your perspective of volunteering and philanthropic work?

Christopher: When you see realize as a professional athlete that you motivate and inspire others in the things you do. Its a natural responsibility to try to be a positive role model to the people you come into contact with. I have young nephews who aspire to be professional players, its important that they see a good example from me and i can teach them the greatest asset is a sickening work ethic and consistency, dedication and commitment.

Having passion as a key characteristic is very important to be successful in anything you do. My mother passed of breast cancer so working with this charity is something I feel extremely passionate towards. I’m grateful the league acknowledge this and hopefully it inspired some others to take up roles in the communities in which they are living.


Photo: Christopher Nurse


Richard: What is the next thing you’re focused on Chris?

Christopher: I still feel fit enough to keep playing, so for now that will be my main focus. But I want to develop grass roots programmes in Guyana, coach kids and dive into real estate projects.So the future is exciting for me. When that point arises of course it will be sad to say goodbye to playing but I’m excited for whats next but right now I’m still focused on giving my all as a player.


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Written by : Richard Overton


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