2 Young Talented Artists You Should Know

What do you see when you stare at a blank page? Is it the interior? Maybe your reflection? Or you’re most profound desires? A blank canvas can become anything with the help of a talented artist. Today we take a look at two upcoming artist from Guyana.

Ransford Simon

Ransford Simon
Being inspired by another talented artist, George Simon, Ransford has began his pursuit into the arts. After completing schooling at Annai Secondary School in region 9, Ransford is currently attending E.R.Burrowes School of Art in Georgetown. As he says, he “likes drawing mostly portraits and paintings. Here are some of his work:

Dickson Vanlong

Dickson Vanlong
Dickson also attended Annai Secondary with Ransford and is currently enrolled at E.R. Burrowes School of Art. Here are some of his work:

Looking at both of these artists’ work, it is evident that they have been given exceptional guidance by their high school art teacher, Sir Godfrey Alexander, and they are continuing to receive meaningful guidance where they are now. Of course some of their talent may be innate, there’s no doubt that they are working hard to master their art and it should be no surprise if they are nationally or internationally recognized in the future.


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Written by : Richard Overton


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