Photo: Renata Burnette

Poetry is one of the most enjoyable type of literature, with its use of metaphors, similes and other literary devices that allows the reader to visualize and feel the profound emotions that are being expressed. Given its usual complexity, it take a special kind of person to be able to make it relevant and entertaining for the readers. Building on poetry, spoken words has been an exciting art form that gives poetry a sound. It allows the author to deliver the poem directly to the listeners,  in the exact way it was intended to be heard.

One of the up and coming talented spoken words / poet is Renata Burnette. As she puts it, she’s more of “a women empowering, society defying, politically incorrect type of girl”. The great news is that society will always have a place for people who are trying to empower others. Below is a piece by Renata entitled:  #workingtosurvive; something that we can all relate to at some point in our life. Enjoy and stay tuned to her upcoming work!





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Written by : Richard Overton

One thought on “Women empowering, society defying, politically incorrect type of girl -Renata Burnette

  1. Vacations aren’t in our vocabulary because only pay day makes us happy… we work to go to university to… work. BAAAD! So talented #truthtalker #wearethefutre. So inspired right now, Renata. Gorgeous.


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