Vacation! Where will you go?

Vacation! What a great time! Where should you go? What about…Guyana?

Photo: Farrah Baird

Conversation with a Driver

Driver: So where are the volunteer teachers going?

Richard: Some are going to Paramakatoi and some are going to Mabarumba

Driver: Make sure you tell them to be careful in the Middle East

Richard: ……

Photo: Katina Benn

Now I’m sure that was a rare case but it does bring up an important point which is, there are a number of Guyanese that rarely, if ever, visit many of the country’s varying areas. Besides the miners, you’re most likely to hear about personal experiences of Guyana’s different areas from tourists.



Photo: Farrah Baird


There are indeed, many events and places worth exploring. Over the course of two years, I was able to explore and redefine my image of the country.



reg 9
Photo: Richard Overton

From seeing a wild Jaguar on the trail while riding to Surama to enjoying Rodeo in Lethem, from taking the boat to Bartica to enjoying the nightlife in Georgetown, from trying to deal with the heat in Mahdia to being so cold at night just 30 minutes away in Paramakatoi, and not to mention seeing a Leather-back turtle at Shell Beach which I visited after being in Mabaruma, Guyana is very diverse in the experiences that can be had, even if you live in Guyana already.

Photo: Richard Overton

As I explored, I have really gotten a sense of new appreciation for Guyana. So let’s make sure we are all going out there and seeing Guyana in its greatness!


Photo: Myron Wilson


  1. It’s not just bush out there
  2. You probably won’t get Malaria
  3. The trails aren’t that bad


Photo: Farrah Baird

If you have photos or stories, please share in the comment section.

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Written by : Richard Overton


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