New: “A life changing experience ” – Miss India Guyana 2016 – Brittany Singh

I got a chance to talk to the newly crowned Miss India Guyana 2016, Brittany Singh! Here’s what we got to talk about.
Photo Joshua Haly
Richard: Public speaking! Ranked as the number one fear of most people.I can only imagine the numerous interviews you will be doing Brittany. How do you approach public speaking? Is there continuous practice or are you one of the rare people whose naturally comfortable speaking in front of an audience?
Photo: John Greene

Brittany: Oh boy! there is so much to do with such little time… part of my daily routine is public speaking training and confidence building sessions with Paul Moore of NCN. Mr. Moore is part of the team preparing me for the international stage. Additionally, all the interviews I have done since my crowning and even during the days leading up the final auditions, have helped in some extent built my confidence and build a comfort zone with the audience.


Richard: Now that you have earned the Miss India Guyana platform, are there any particular causes that you are determined to highlight?
Photo: Samuel Maughn
BrittanyMy platform is ‘Empowering young minds to acquire self-motivation’. This being a multifaceted platform, I am focusing on education, with the hope of executing ventures and programmes through Give Foundation Guyana – NGO I am a goodwill ambassador for, working on ways to help youths to face the challenges life throws at them. As such, this is not only empowering of minds to acquire self motivation but will also touch areas of spread suicide prevention awareness/prevent suicidal thoughts, human trafficking issues, self motivation, and domestic violence awareness.


Richard: India is a popular destination for many people from all around the world and if I understand correctly, you will have the opportunity to visit there and compete for the Miss India Worldwide title. Will that be your first time travelling to India? What are you looking forward to seeing and doing there, outside of the competition? 

Photo: Delano Williams
BrittanySadly, this year is not in India but the Miss India Worldwide 2016 Pageant will be held in New Jersey, this year celebrates the 25th year anniversary with many Silver Jubilee celebrations.  It will be my first time traveling out of the Caribbean. I am beyond excited for the upcoming experience and meeting all of the other beautiful contestants. It will surely be a pleasure and learning about their ways of life, cultures and getting to know them as individuals. This will be an interesting and a life changing experience for me, I am also looking forward to visiting the Children’s Hospital in Atlantic City, as I love children. Which is one of the activity on the Miss India Worldwide itinerary. Apart from the competition I also hope to visit some of the major landmarks in New Jersey/New York and learn as much I can about the American history.


Richard: Prior to being named Miss India Guyana 2016, you were pursuing a career in Accounting. Is that something you will continue to do moving forward? 
Photo: Joshua Haly
BrittanyYes! Most definitely, I have intentions in completing my accounting course and even after its completion, I will continue to study. Who knows, I may even branch off to a different path adding to my accounting qualifications.


I’d like to say thank you for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to share your thoughts and allow the readers and myself to get to know you a bit more Brittany. I know you’ll do great during the international part of the Miss India Worldwide competition that will take place from October 3rd – 9th. As I’m sure everyone is, I am also excited to see you competing! And enjoy the trip!


Readers, to stay updated with Brittany as she competes and continues her year as Miss India Guyana 2016, find her on Facebook here. The Miss India Guyana Organization’s mission in part is to “give the participants the opportunity to build on their interpersonal skills, community involvement, self- confidence, communication skills, leadership skills, interview skills, and poise!”


Special Thanks to Ms. Umadevi Bux, National Director / Vice President @ Miss India Guyana Organization.

Featured photo: John Greene

Written by : Richard Overton

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Instagram: @Trendinguy


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